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Hemp Honey Balancing With CBD

Hemp Honey can boost the ratio of CBD to THC in the medical cannabis that patients intake. Over the last 20 years, marijuana has been selectively bred to contain high amounts of THC. The most popular strains of marijuana tend to have a high THC / low CBD ratio. Marijuana available at the local dispensary will likely have a low CBD content. Fortunately, you can use Hemp Honey liquids to supplement the levels of cannabidiol. Cannabidiol works synergistically with THC to enhance its benefits.


Cannabis Now Magazine reports on a study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry performed by researchers at the University of Mississippi working under the umbrella of NIDA. The study concludes that marijuana strains are stronger than they were 20 years ago by looking at over 38,000 samples of marijuana seized by the DEA over the last 20 years.  Research has confirmed that since 1995 the content of THC has grown significantly. The researchers found that the ratio of THC to CBD in 1995 was 14:1. Some 2014 samples have a ratio of THC to CBD as high as 80:1. The marijuana strains that smokers find today contain roughly 3 times the amount of THC than the marijuana of 20 years ago.


THC is the most widely known cannabinoid and so it made financial sense for growers to selectively breed their plants to contain increasing amounts of the chemical. Often, the value of the marijuana strain is determined by its THC level. The hydroponics trend that started in the 1980s also allowed suburban growers to experiment with getting higher yields of high grade herb and selectively breeding cannabis with high percentages of THC.


Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids are now being studied more closely, leading to a renewed interest in medical marijuana with higher levels of other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN, THCV, and others. Each cannabinoid has potential for medical benefit. Some increase appetite, others relieve symptoms of pain, still others have been shown to have anti-tumoral effects. There is a whole field of cannabis science before us as we begin to study the cannabis plant. CBD is an in demand cannabinoid, as recent research has highlighted its ability to reduce symptoms of seizure disorders, anxiety, aging, and cancer.


Each 10ml bottle of Hemp Honey contains 150mg of CBD rich hemp oil per volume. It is blended with pure kosher VG and organic flavorings to give it is pleasant taste. The CBD Rich Hemp Oil is extracted from imported industrial hemp using CO2 extraction methods. Hemp Honey liquids do not contain THC. Thus they are a great addition to a medical marijuana patient’s supplement toolbox. The patients will be able to increase the level of CBD in their medical strain or offset high levels of THC in high-THC strains by supplementing Hemp Honey liquids. Hemp Honey can help with balancing levels of CBD, or can be used in place of THC containing cannabis for patients looking for a strictly non-psychoactive supplement when intoxication is not desirable.

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