Hemp Honey Liquid - Premium Hemp Infused Liquid

How Did We Create The Hemp Honey Flavor Line?

Hemp Honey blends kosher, organic, and USDA certified herbs with conventional flavorings to bring complexity to our CBD Rich Hemp Oil blends that exceed the simpler flavor profiles of competitors. Natural compounds give a balanced essence to our liquids, rich with terpenes and pure flavor. We slowly steep our organic herbs, in premium kosher VG over time. This extended steeping process achieves two things for Hemp Honey. Long steep times blend the organic terpenes from the herbs that have been infused into the VG. Terpenes, found throughout the fruit and vegetable world, are the compounds in plants that give aromas as well as affecting the mind and body in ways similar to aromatherapy. Organic herbal terpenes work synergistically with those naturally present in our CBD oil to create a more palate friendly experience. Infused herbal VG complements the natural taste of the highly concentrated CBD Rich Hemp Oil. Our taste buds recognize the flavors of the herbal infusions as being true, organic, and not artificial, providing an additional experience typically not perceived when vaping.


Aside from the actual effects of the CBD, given that we use such a pure and high concentration, our Hemp Honey flavors are what truly set us apart from any other competitor. With ingredients like Kosher, USDA-Certified Indonesian Cinnamon – strongly aromatic and with a smooth, yet spicy flavor, Raw Indian Vanilla Bean – sweet, creamy, and powerfully scented, and Organic Spearmint – subtly fragrant while giving an interesting lift and top note, other common eliquids cannot compare.


An herbal infusion is the process of extracting chemical compounds or flavors from plant material using a solvent like water, oil, or vegetable glycerin. Steeping is allowing that herb to soak for long enough to extract and mellow the sharp edges of a flavor, allowing the undertones to fully develop. Both processes have been used to create foods and medicines for centuries. Hemp Honey brings that tried and true wisdom to our customers and in doing so we produce the best CBD Rich E-liquids on the market today.

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