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Local 10 Asks the Question – Is CBD Pot or Not?

Local 10, a news station out of Miami, FL recently covered the popularity of CBD products in and around Miami, FL. and asked the question – Is CBD Pot or Not? This story emerges as one of many cannabis related news stories. The national attitude towards marijuana is softening, and support for marijuana legalization is sweeping the nation. As this support grows, interest in medical cannabis and cannabis derived products is increasing.

CBD, or cannabidiol, comes from hemp, a relative of the marijuana plant that contains high levels of CBD and extremely low levels of THC. The CBD used in over the counter CBD products – vapor liquids, edibles, and topicals – comes from this agricultural hemp and is marketed as a health supplement. The reporters interviewed some who used the product as well as one woman who gave CBD to her child. The news story depicted CBD products in several vapor shops and even featured a bottle of our very own Hemp Honey Blueberry Hive bottles. Interviewees noted the beneficial effects of using CBD supplements including a calm feeling, and anxiety relief that comes without intoxication.

Local 10 reached out to the DEA to enquire about the legal status of CBD. The DEA maintains that CBD products are illegal and are being produced illegally in the United States. Legal advisors believe that not all CBD products are illegally being produced. Criminal defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh was interviewed, noting that when CBD products are created from legally imported industrial hemp sources, and are marketed as supplements, not as drugs, it appears that the product can be considered exempt from the CSA, falling into a legal loophole. It is only when CBD is created from hemp plants grown in the United States that is is illegally manufactured.

With medical marijuana now legal in 23 states, and 4 states legalizing the plant for recreational use, it seems like CBD products are here to stay. In Florida, several cannabis bills are being considered by legislators. Medical marijuana is on the November 2016 ballot in Florida as Amendment 2. In the meantime, CBD products such as Hemp Honey are available for those wishing to supplement with cannabidiol.

Find the full news story here : http://www.local10.com/news/local-10-investigates/healing-with-hemp-local-10-investigates-an-alternative-medical-trend

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