Hemp Honey Liquid - Premium Hemp Infused Liquid

Our Mission

We at Hemp Honey Liquid have prided ourselves in bringing top quality, CBD rich vapor liquid straight to your door. Born out of a passion for the product, and a commitment to excellence, the Hemp Honey team has spent countless hours crafting a product we stand behind.


Our team of mixologists, flavor specialists, and botanists, work together to create the leading cannabidiol rich product in the burgeoning hemp industry.
Hemp Honey Liquid is redefining vapor. As an industry leader, Hemp Honey ensures that every product created is held to the highest standards of purity & potency using best practice for production in our field. Hemp Honey is infused with the best quality CBD rich hemp oil. CBD is a natural constituent of hemp. An organic compound naturally found in this versatile plant, CBD has been used by humanity for centuries. Hemp Honey brings this plant wisdom to you today with our CBD rich products, available in three tempting flavors, Apple Crumble, Bumble Gum, and Blueberry Hive. Each 10ml bottle of nectarean Hemp Honey contains 150 mg of CBD Rich Hemp Oil.
Never before has a company been able to combine the health benefits of CBD rich hemp oil with an organic vapor liquid. As an eliquid, Hemp Honey is compatible with many popular ecigarettes and personal vaporizers. We achieve our honey-like viscosity by using kosher vegetable glycerin, rather than the potentially toxic chemicals found in other vapor juices. Prime quality vegetable glycerin gives Hemp Honey a rich, velvety smoke for maximum satisfaction, and gives Hemp Honey a thicker, full bodied flavor. Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin also prolongs the shelf life of the product, so none of the essence is wasted. Our high VG content also provides a smooth hit and a mellowed, mature taste. From our handcrafted organic flavor to our childproof bottles, we pride ourselves in putting quality first. We are driven to being the best quality product to our customers because we are passionate about CBD and the potential it has to improve the lives or our customers.

About Hemp Honey Liquid

Hemp Honey is a high-end vapor liquid infused with premium CBD rich hemp oil. CBD is a natural constituent of hemp oil extracted from the seed and stalk of the industrial hemp plant. CBD is found throughout the hemp plant, which is comprised of about 40% cannabidiol. Vapor liquid is primarily mixed with nicotine, and can act as a smoking cessation aid. Although our product can act as a smoking cessation aid without the nicotine, its primary use is as a CBD delivery system.


Every supplement Hemp Honey produces is 100% natural, containing all organic flavoring, kosher VG, and is safe for topical use. The gold label reflects our commitment to uphold “The Gold Standard”. Our liquids test at a 5x higher concentration than any of our competitor’s products. Other CBD liquids are contaminated with inferior ingredients. Our USDA Grade Organic flavorings and USP Food Grade, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin combine to make a top-shelf product that is gluten free, and non-GMO. Our high standard Hemp Honey liquids are extracted using the most efficient and safe CO2 extraction process, making them solvent free. If you are ready to experience the distinctive syrupy goodness of Hemp Honey CBD Rich Hemp Oil, you don’t have to wait any longer! Click the Shop tab above and find all you need to get started. Don’t delay, try it today and see for yourself!