CBD, is it legal?

CBD is starting to emerge as a great tool for treating diseases such as anxiety, epilepsy, skin disorders, cancer, and so much more. Due to the changes in attitudes about medical marijuana, medical researchers are taking a closer look at the cannabis plant and its chemical constituents, such as cannabidiol (CBD). CBD products are now

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Study Points to CBD as Having Breast Cancer Treatment Potential, Preferentially Kills Cancer Cells

A 2011 study entitled “Cannabidiol Induces Programmed Cell Death in Breast Cancer Cells by Coordinating the Cross-talk between Apoptosis and Autophagy” was published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, by Shrivastava, Kuzontkoski, Groopman, and Prasad. The study shows that researchers were able to kill breast cancer cells with Cannabidiol, one of the main chemical constituents

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